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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Reviewer Tackles "Architects, Vol. 2"

You never really know if a given strategy is any good until results start to arrive. I sent a copy of my recent ebook, "Architects of Tomorrow, Volume 2," to Amazon top reviewer (currently #114 in the world) BigAl for his perusal. He'd read and liked Volume 1 well enough, but would he find Volume 2 repetitive? Would the shorter length seem lazy rather than accommodating? Would the interviews be as interesting? I had no idea...until now.

BigAl posted the review on his Books and Pals blog, giving Volume 2 four our of five stars and this conclusion: "Anyone with an interest in technology, where it has been, and where it might be going, should enjoy this new volume."

I couldn't ask for better than that. Thanks so much, BigAl! And for those of you who've also been kind enough to download the new book, if you could spare two minutes to leave a quick review on the title's Amazon page, I'd be immensely grateful!

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