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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stay Tuned

I'm not a fan of "sorry, I've been busy" blog posts, but...sorry, I've been busy. This has been an insane month on the work front, and I just returned from a several-day trip to Silicon Valley. Those of you who enjoy my tech-related posts will be enthralled at the epic fruits of this trip when they appear on Tom's Hardware soon. I'm going to give you a whole new look at Wi-Fi technology unlike anything you've ever seen before. And for those of you who enjoy more of my reading/writing-related content, stay tuned for a PC Today magazine story on library lending to e-readers.

Until then, let me offer one practical tidbit for you. I just reviewed an app called Evernote for CPU magazine. I can describe this free tool in one sentence: Evernote is a OneNote-like app synchronizes notes (containing a wide array of content types) across practically any device running the app that you have linked to your account. For example, when I first looked at Evernote, I said, "Ah ha! At last! This is a way for my wife and I to maintain a synchronized shopping list across our two Android phones." I installed Evernote on both phones, associated both with my own account, and now the list stays current on both phones as well as my PC. But Evernote can do so much more. If you do research and need to access information across a range of computers or mobile devices, this is bar none the most flexible tool for keeping that research organized and at your fingertips. Google Docs wins for collaboration, and OneNote has better Office integration. But Evernote makes my (very) short list of must-have work tools.

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