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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Rough Crossing" Ebook Released on Smashwords

Once upon a time, before I became a tech journalist, I published poetry and short stories. In many ways, I was a different person then. I had more time to stop and think and roil language about in my head like some dark brew. In those days, I thought I’d soon be cranking out books at Stephen King speed…and then life happened. So it goes.

But good dreams never really die, and with middle age here at last, I’ve committed to finding ways of bringing that old dream into my new life. That process starts today with the release of my first ebook, Rough Crossing. It’s a freshly polished collection of four dozen poems from my former self.

I confess, posting this feels awkward in the extreme. Poetry isn’t something we talk about much in the workaday world. There’s no budget or ROI involved, no quick and easy sensory gratification. You don’t just walk up to a colleague and say, “Hey, did you know I write haikus and prose poems?” without expecting to be treated like you’re a few bulbs short of a lit tree. But I do write poetry…or did in less demanding times…and some of them were pretty good.

So whether you enjoy poetry or you’re just curious about that guy who used to be me, I offer you Rough Crossing. It’ll be on Apple’s iBookstore soon, followed by Amazon’s Kindle store, but for now you can download it from Smashwords for free. I have many more ebooks planned for the weeks and months ahead (none of them poetry), and I’ll drop notes here about them when the time is right. Until then, if you’re inclined, please enjoy Rough Crossing and share it with anyone whom you feel might enjoy it, too.

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